In recent times, Indian real estate sector has witnessed high growth with increased demand in both residential and commercial spaces. The Indian real estate market is expected to witness exponential growth. Housing sector is expected to contribute around 11 percent to India’s GDP by 2020.

Home builders in Trivandrum are offering 3BHK flats and apartments as well as custom homes, with a variety of amenities and features available. Home construction trends have changed rapidly in recent years, leading to more efficient and beautifully constructed houses

It is not just about interior style, but about floor plans, size, location, home automation, energy efficiency etc.

  • Eco friendly and Energy efficient construction – Nowadays, most people prefer eco and energy friendly construction. Be it roofing and building materials, cabinets and counters, environmental friendly architecture is gaining popularity. Rain water harvest structures, solar water heater systems, larger windows to allow natural daylight are some of the options preferred.
  • Vasthu Shastra – Nowadays, Vaastu shastra has a great significance, as it paves way for happiness, peace, prosperity in life. When followed in the proper way, Vaastu can bring wonders in your personal as well as professional life.
  • Style Choices – Most homebuyers are seeking low-maintenance contemporary type homes.
  • More Open Spaces – be it with family or friends, people are preferring to stay connected and interact in open spaces.

If you are in the market to buy new home or are looking to renovate your home, then make sure to contact an experienced builder in your area. Whether you’re building new or renovating, they will show you the available options and enhancement choices that can add value to your home.

Architectural ideas and trends are always evolving. These ideas and trends may come and go, and we cannot change these trends every year. Hence, always go with inexpensive décor and interior design ideas to fulfill your desire for dream home. Urbanscape Properties is one of the most prominent home builders in Trivandrum that have successfully delivered unique building spaces with most advanced amenities and features.