Finding and Buying a flat in Trivandrum can be a challenge. To own your perfect apartment at the most affordable price, you have to study the market thoroughly. There are plenty of opportunities out there. The only thing you need is, to know where to look, what to buy and know your budget.

 Tip 1: Find the best builder in Trivandrum

It is important to consider the key components like builder’s goodwill, the builder’s experience, number of projects completed and delivered. Bhima’s Urbanscape properties are the best builders in Trivandrum, Crafting a nesting place for the customer with utmost care.  With years of experience, Bhima built their commitment to quality & trustworthiness, and its legacy what they are carrying to Urbanscape properties. In the list of top builders in Trivandrum Urbanscape will be one of the best builders in Trivandrum.  We help you to own your apartment at the most affordable price in the heart of the Trivandrum city.

Tip 2: How much can you afford

The price of the apartment is an important factor. If you are worried about the cost of building house in Trivandrum or looking for low budget builders in Trivandrum we have budget serviced apartments in Trivandrum. Apart from the cost of the flat, there are other charges, too. Like stamp duty, legal fees, property tax, etc. To find an apartment which fits your budget.  Once you find a property on your budget goes forward.

Tip 3: Choose the right flat

It is better to conduct a field survey before identifying a suitable property, meeting the budget and location preference. Choose the property in an area which has adequate basic amenities such as power, water, drainage systems etc. It is important to consider the key components like Infrastructure in the area, connectivity, price of the property and present buying options available which suits the requirements.

Tip 4: Find the right location

You can find many flats in different parts of the Trivandrum city, and even within the same area, you’ll find a surprising degree of variation between properties. So decide what are amenities and features your apartment should have. But some factors, such as a garden or other outside space, will add to the property price. So be realistic about the apartment’s aspects and location. The availability of public transport in a location is an example of this. The fact is that most of the potential buyers in the city are looking for the same convenience.

Tip 5: What type of flat

There are a variety of flats on the market.

  • 1-room to 5-room
  • Executive flat
  • Multi-generation flat
  • 3rd gen flat etc…

Each type of flats has advantages and disadvantages. And there are also peoples looking for premium apartments in Trivandrum, new apartments in Trivandrum, budget apartments in Trivandrum. To them, it is important not to take anything for granted and also give close attention to the property specifications when you see the property. Choose which one will suits